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Quilt and Duvet helpful information

We are proud to offer the finest selection of duvets and quilts.  We hope that the following information will give you a good understanding of the quality of the products that we sell.

A good duvet represents excellent value for money. A good proportion of the 24 hour day is spent in bed. We lead hectic lives and a good night’s sleep is important; having a good quality quilt and pillows helps to achieve this. Our customers tell us that our wonderful bedding products really have helped them to sleep better!


The tog rating indicates the approximate amount of warmth a quilt will provide when new. Tog ratings are measured in laboratory conditions with the new quilt on a flat surface (which doesn’t resemble the real-life situation). Quilts need to drape effectively over the body of the sleeper to give optimum warmth, and quilts with down and feather fillings drape more efficiently than others.

The higher the tog the more warmth the quilt should provide, however,  the tog rating bears no relation to the quality of the quilt, which is better determined by the quality of the filling and the casing. Some fillings trap more air than others, making the duvet much lighter yet giving the same amount of warmth, and different fillings last for different lengths of time. We offer a wide selection of tog or warmth ratings as detailed :

3 Tog - for very warm summer weather

4.5 Tog - for average summer weather and even through the spring and autumn in well-insulated bedrooms

9.0 Tog - for spring-autumn weather and even through the winter in well-insulated bedrooms

10.5 Tog - if you are looking for one quilt to use all year round or for spring/autumn/winter use

12.0 Tog - for use in winter if fairly-well insulated bedrooms

13.5 Tog - for use in winter in colder bedrooms

15.0 Tog - the warmest quilt you are likely to need in the coldest of temperatures

Summer quilts can be used through the year by people in very warm bedrooms or who really do not like to have a lot of warm bedding; winter quilts can be used through the year by people with very cold bedrooms or who really feel the cold!

The 'All-Seasons' duvet is a versatile option; this duvet is made up of 2 separate layers, one to use in the summer and the other in spring/autumn. You can then button the one on top of the other with the button attachment provided, to create a third, very snug option for the winter:

4.5 Tog + 9.0 Tog = 13.5 Tog

4.5 Tog + 10.5 Tog = 15.0 Tog

Fillings in duvets - 100% natural fillings generally perform better than man-made fillings, providing greater comfort and longer life. However, the synthetic products that Beautiful Bedlinen have selected for our duvet (and pillow) ranges, have been specially engineered to ensure that they have an excellent performance compared with the cheaper alternatives.   A luxurious polyester microfibre filling has been specially treated enabling these duvets to retain their loft for longer, hence maintaining their performance and advantages. The microfibre is extremely soft, so allowing the duvets to drape more easily.  In the pillows, a springy clusterfibre is used, which has the superior resiliency required in a pillow for medium-to-firm support. These synthetic fillings are made using regenerated materials for the benefit of the environment.

Fillings- Natural

The fillings used in the quilts offered by Beautiful Bedlinen are consistently in line or better than specified by European standards.   Our Natural quilts maintain their insulating properties for longer than synthetics since they don’t flatten so quickly, hence they have a longer life expectancy. (With proper care, a good-quality Goose Down quilt should last 40 years).

Natural fillings are able to absorb body moisture lost during the night and then to release it when the quilt is aired. Since this moisture is carried away from your skin, your skin is able to ‘breathe’, and you are kept dry and comfortable. Natural fillings trap more air in relation to their weight than do most man-made fillings, so giving you warmth without weight, which is an important consideration for many when selecting a duvet.

Natural fillings drape around the body more easily, which again means a more efficient insulation, therefore keeping  you warmer.

The natural fillings in the duvets that Beautiful Bedlinen sell are all 100% NEW, meaning that they have not been re-cycled or bleached and therefore are more fluffy, resilient, and long-lasting. 100% natural duvets and pillows are biodegradeable. 


All of the product casings within the whole of our duvet and pillow range, including those with man-made fillings, are pure cotton cambric casings which are very tightly woven. This helps to keep the feathers and down IN and also helps to keep dust mites OUT. The 100% cotton cover allows the skin to ‘breathe’, and is a luxuriously soft-feeling product, for maximum comfort. Piped finishing also strengthens the product and completes the overall beautifully completed look. The casings are all machine washable.

The New White Feather & Down and Luxury Goose Down products that Beautiful Bedlinen offer have a 230-thread-count cotton casing. (This is considerably higher than standard percale, which is from 180-thread count upwards). Our Superior New White Hungarian Goose Down products have a 280-thread-count casing with an attractive woven (squared) pattern.  A1 Premium New White Goose Down products have a silky-smooth 300-thread-count casing.


To prevent our fillings moving around, all of our down/feather and down duvets are made using a square pocketed construction. The filling is held securely in individual squares so ensuring an even distribution of the filling, so that you have an even warmth all night long!


The need for washing can be minimised or even eliminated by following a few easy steps:

1. Always use a pillow protector and change the pillowcases and duvet cover regularly to keep the casing clean.

2. An important part of caring for a quilt is by giving it a regular and thorough airing.  Air the products by regularly giving them a shake, leaving the duvet folded back after you get out of bed, preferably near an open window. Do avoid exposing natural products to damp air, however, as they have a natural ability to absorb moisture. Occasionally hanging them out of an open window or on the washing line on a dry day is also excellent treatment which will keep the products fresh and long-lasting.

3. If you spill a cup of tea or coffee, you can simply sponge-clean the area affected and then hang the product in front of a fan heater to dry completely.

4. Experts do however recommend that the bedding of allergy-sufferers be washed regularly (see allergies below).

Our natural quilts wash extremely well;  the feathers and down come from waterfowl and are washed a number of times before they are dried and used in the manufacture of duvets and pillows. They do require careful drying, so we recommend professional laundering or, if you wish to wash them yourselves, we recommend the following steps:

1. The item will need to be washed and dried in large commercial machines such as you would find in a launderette.

2. Always wash and dry them on a low to medium heat setting.

3. Wash with a non-biological detergent.

4. Spin-dry before tumble-drying.

5. Always tumble-dry; not even hanging the item on the washing line on the hottest day of the year will guarantee quick and effective drying. Between cycles, give the item a good shake to prevent the filling drying in clumps. When it feels dry in the centre, dry it for another 5 minutes to make absolutely sure. More care needs to be taken in the case of pillow where the filling is more dense and will take longer to dry.

Allergies -Medical experts state that the HOUSE DUST MITE is the main cause of allergic conditions such as asthma, eczema, and allergic rhinitis. The house dust mite thrives in every home, particularly where central heating, double-glazing, and other insulating features combine to produce damp, humid conditions. However, because good-quality, natural products have very tightly woven casings to keep the fillings in, these casings also help to keep dust mites and their residues out. The duvets and pillows that we sell here at Beautiful Bedlinen use the same high-quality casings on the man-made products for the same benefit.

It is highly unlikely that the feathers and down in a good-quality product, which have been thoroughly washed, will cause any allergic reaction.

Experts do recommend that the bedding of allergy-sufferers be washed regularly to remove dust mites and their debris.

Guarantees -Such is the confidence in the quality of our products that a 10-year guarantee is offered on our Feather and Down and Goose Down duvets, and a 15-year guarantee on our Hungarian Goose down duvets. This is a guarantee of the quality of the materials and the workmanship, and does not cover accidental damage or damage caused by misuse.

Green issues - 100% natural duvets and pillows are biodegradeable.  The geese and ducks from which the fillings in the duvets and pillows here come, are bred as food. They are bred free-range on large ponds and lakes in natural conditions which enable their plumage to develop its specialised insulating properties. The down and feather are therefore by-products of the food industry, as are leather and wool.

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